Office Fit-Out Finance: Commercial Financier Guide for Business Owners

Office Fit-Out Finance: Commercial Financier Guide for Business Owners, Office? Café? Retail Storefront? Complete Commercial Fit-out Solutions

Office? Café? Retail Storefront? Complete Commercial Fit-out Solutions

Using the capital of a small business for commercial fit-outs can leave a shortage of cash flow for day-to-day operations. A viable alternative is obtaining commercial fit-out finance that will cover everything from floorboards to ovens and alarm systems.

Office and Retail Fit-Out Financing Q&A’s

What Elements of a Fit-Out Can be Financed?

Anything required for the fit-out can usually be financed. Your trusted commercial financial advisor can advise on specific items you are unsure of. Should you need vehicles, finance can also be secured for delivery vans, fleet cars, boats and more.

• Cabinetry.
• Shelves and racks.
• Counters and bench tops.
• Storage.
• Furniture i.e., desks, tables, chairs.
• Furnishings.
• Floor and wall coverings.
• Internal walls and dividers.
• Signage.
• Refrigerators, cold rooms and ovens.

• Lighting (including electrical installation).
• Plumbing.
• Painting and tiling.
• Window treatments and coverings.
• Networking and cabling.
• Telecommunication, security and alarm systems.
• Speciality medical equipment that may be required for doctor’s surgeries or veterinary clinics i.e. autoclaves, oxygen machines etc.

Tailored Finance for Different Types of Fit-Outs

Just as fit-outs are not all the same, finance also varies. What kind of fit-out are you planning? Fit-outs can be separated into two categories:

1. Category A (Everything but the Roof)

Category A fit-outs are when you are starting with the bare minimum which is usually the skeleton structure of the building. Utilities are usually connected however electrical points and heating systems still need to be installed before moving on to the next phase of the fit-out(*1,2).

2. Category B (Interior Aesthetics)

For fit-outs in existing buildings such as shopping centres, this is the fit-out most commonly seen. Utilities will already be connected so the focus is on branding, office layout and interior design(*1,2).

On occasion, we see clients who also require basic service connections in addition to categories one and two. No matter what situation you are in, there are quality (and fast) financing solutions available.

Tip: Be sure to check if any local council approvals will be required for your fit-out. Delays due to approvals can see you paying further costs such as rent before the office or shop is open(*3). Your financial advisor can also provide advice on covering cash flow before the business is opened.

Office Fit-Out Finance: Commercial Financier Guide for Business Owners, Office? Café? Retail Storefront

What Type of Finance Can be Used for Office Fit-Outs?

The most common type of financing is loans that allow flexible repayment options over a fixed term. Alternatively, leasing, chattel mortgages and hire/purchase solutions can be obtained.

The ideal solution for your specific situation will vary depending on factors such as where the business is located (i.e., in a leased space in a shopping centre or a building purchased for the business). Tax benefits and implications will also differ. For example, depreciation, interest, and asset write-offs will vary.

Seeking expert commercial finance advice and tailored finance are highly recommended to ensure you get the most profitable financing solution.

Office Fit-out Finance for Seed Workspace

Office Fit-Out Finance: Commercial Financier Guide for Business Owners, Office quote

We recently heard from a client we had worked with back in 2019. At the time, they had identified a gap in the market for a co-working and event space. It has been wonderful seeing what they did with their fit-out finance. They had called us because they were, once again looking for finance for another fit-out. Of course, we were glad to help. We absolutely love hearing from past clients and helping them expand and grow!

Fit-out Financing That is Easier Than Putting Together a Flat Pack Desk

Mark O’Keeffe has been providing financial advice and financing solutions to businesses for decades.

For fit-out financing or any other commercial finance needs, give Mark a call on 0433 899 790 or contact Trans Pacific Finance Group online at your convenience.



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