Fast Drone Financing: Update to the Best New Equipment with Commercial Finance & Loans

Commercial Drone Financing, best drone finance and loans.

High-End Surveillance Equipment & Licenced Photography Drones Financed

Being in the right location at the right time is the key to capturing the right image. Financing high-end surveillance equipment or licenced photography drones is much easier. However, you do need to know who to talk to and how to identify what loan or finance is best. Commercial, financial brokers experienced in funding drones and similar equipment are the best choice when you want low rates, flexible repayments, minimal fees, and a fast result.

Are Drones Classed as Commercial Business Equipment for Financing Purposes?

Commercial Drone Loans and Finance

Yes, drones are classed as business equipment if they are used for your business. The most common professionals we deal with who extensively use drones are photographers, real estate agents, surveyors, and inspectors. Electricians and roofers are also using drone technology to conduct power line and roof inspections(*1). Drones are dramatically reducing the risk of injury for many types of professions. However, they do not often come cheap which is why they are often financed.

Commercial Drone Financing, best drone finance and loans. Update to the latest High-End Surveillance Equipment & Licenced Photography Drones

Affordable and Flexible Drone Financing: 4 Tips for Securing the Best Loan

As commercial finance brokers, we specialise in securing the right financial solutions for our clients.

1. Research Financiers and Their Products to Find Out if They Finance Aerial Products

Not all financial institutions offer drone financing so spend some time researching who will be best to approach first.

2. How Much Finance Will You Need?

How Much do Drones Cost? Do You Need a Licence or Accreditation?

Be prepared for some financiers to only offer funding for minimum amounts i.e., finance above $8,000. This may suit your budget perfectly or may result in you needing to buy more expensive equipment than you originally expected.

We have seen clients purchase drones for as little as $2,000 and well up to $40,000(*2). The brand, DJI are possibly the most well-known drone manufacturer globally. They offer a range of drone types (including underwater filming), and price points(*3,4). Filmmakers and photographers who need high-resolution images often apply for equipment finance for drones closer to the top end of the price range.

Can Drone Licencing and Accreditation be Financed?

Yes, we can help you obtain a packaged finance deal that covers everything from the purchase and delivery of your drone to your licence and accreditation.

3. What Will the Drone be Used For?

Mini-Drones, Camera Drones, Surveillance Drones, Filmmaking and Photography Drones

Be ready to answer this question. Financiers need to know what benefit the equipment purchase will have on your business. If having up-to-date drone equipment is core to your business, this will be easier to explain i.e., you are a photographer.

If, however, it is not necessarily going to generate an income (through the sale of photographs, for example), be prepared to supply an explanation as to why the purchase is important and for what the drone will be used.

More on this and how we can help below.

4. Work with a Commercial Financial Broker

Commercial Drone Financing, best drone finance and loans.

Commercial financial brokers know which lenders to approach, what their terms and conditions are, and if they have any limits on purchase amounts. You may need a new lens for your drone, or you may need to completely update your drone fleet.

If you are integrating drones into your business model for the first time, commercial brokers are worth their weight in gold in preparing business cases for lenders.

To save time and frustration applying to multiple lenders, we highly recommend working with an experienced financial advisor. Mark O’Keeffe, located in Sydney has decades of experience and an invaluable understanding of how the commercial financial sector works. Talk to Mark about your business equipment today.

Take the stress out of business finance with Trans Pacific Finance Group.

Not Sure if You Need a Drone Licence or Accreditation?

The Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority have information on drone use in Australia.


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