Thinking of financing new business equipment?

From medical to hospitality equipment, cashflow to shop fit outs,
Trans Pacific Finance Group has the answers to all your commercial financing needs.

Finance Solutions

Commercial Equipment Finance, Debtor Funding, New Business Financing Consultants

We’ve helped countless business find the right loan for their needs.

Our team of expert consultants will find the right loan for you based on your business type and financial situation. We will help you with everything from commercial equipment to new business start-ups and trade finance consultancy.

Every business has a different purpose and has different needs – every business deserves tailor-made financing. We can provide debtor funding solutions and trade finance, thanks to our years of experience and expansive network of connections.

Trans Pacific Finance is where all your commercial finance, loan and funding needs can be tended to under one roof.

Time is Money

We can provide quick solutions through personal interactions that you understand and maintain this rapport for years to come. We negotiate everything so you don’t have to.

Let us expedite the submission and approval of your loan.

Avoid Long Wait Times for Finance

Because we have great relationships with banks across Australia, we know which Banks are currently approving funding for your type of application and what the requirements are, we save you time. Don’t get frustrated by trying to understand Bank jargon, let us explain things simply and do it for you.

Submitting high-quality loans that do not require multiple amendments is our core business. We know what works and what doesn’t, saving you time and money.

Decades of Experience – Trusted to Deliver

Managing director Mark O’Keeffe guarantees his knowledge of the financial landscape here in Australia and overseas. Learn more about Mark and the team or get in touch.

Equipment and Machinery Finance

We will make sure:

• The vendor is suitable for supply.
• That the machinery is fit to perform as required.
• That the purchase is worth the money down and offers you a return.

We have helped Australian businesses small and large to purchase equipment and machinery. Existing businesses regularly come to us to discuss equipment and machinery upgrades or ways to move away from constantly hiring equipment. Others come to us after identifying a gap in the market and a prime opportunity for business. Meanwhile, there are also many businesses doing so well they simply need more space to continue growing! No matter what situation you are in, we can help. We are 100% dedicated to each of our clients and seeing them in a stable financial position where they can thrive.

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Assessing the needs and means of clients for a stable future.

No matter the size of stage of your business, we can help your financial future, bolster success, and grow your business.