Launching a New Start-Up? Get Ready with Business Equipment Loans & Finance

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Open Your Small Business with Financing for New Start-Ups

From Google, Starbucks, and Airbnb to Uber and Angry Birds, start-ups are the world’s fuel for innovation.

Do you have a clever idea? Ready to launch a new business but need a loan for a shop and equipment? The biggest challenge to starting a small business is financing. As commercial finance specialists, we regularly help clients secure start-up financing and equipment loans.

What is a Business Start-Up?

Start-ups are brand new businesses that individuals usually create. They are often small businesses with great potential.
Many people are unaware there are financing options available for Australian start-ups. Read on to learn more or chat with Trans-Pacific Finance Group.

Why are Start-Ups Important for the Economy?

Start-ups positively impact the economy through:

• Income generation.
• Tax collection.
• Job creation.
• Advancing technology and resources(*1).
• Improving or developing new, more efficient processes and products(*1).

In addition to bolstering the economy, many start-ups influence how we live, travel, communicate and do business. Would the digital world be the same if Sergey Brin and Larry Page didn’t create Google? Yelp helps us find genuine reviews of businesses we consider buying services and goods from. Once an unknown video streaming service, YouTube is now a household name.

There are hundreds, even millions, of phenomenally successful transformational start-ups worldwide. Could your great idea be the next start-up the world is watching?

Can I Start a Business with no Money?

Sourcing Finance for a New Venture

Equipment loan for new business, Startup Business Financing for Small Business.

In 2020, $3.1 billion was invested into Australian start-ups(*2).

 In 2021, this number rose to over $10 billion!(*2)

 2022 is on track to at least match 2021 investments(*3,4).

We are more well known for beautiful coastlines, world-class produce, and a casual lifestyle. However, the entrepreneurial spirit of Australians has been a mainstay for over 200 years – and we are willing to invest in great ideas. Australia is one of the only countries with an outpouring of support (and funding) for start-ups. In 2021 alone, more than $10 billion was invested into new ventures(*2).

The answer to the question – “Can I start a new business with no money?” is…


With a little guidance, approaching the right financiers and having your business plan and finances mapped out, you may be opening your new business sooner than expected.

Some things that we go through during pre-approval to help you secure finance include reviewing your:

• Credit.
• Financial contribution towards the start-up.
• Prior success and experience in business.
• Assets.
• Business plan.

Beauty Salon Opens in Regional Australian Town Thanks to Start-Up Funding

Equipment loan for new business, Startup Business Financing for Small Business. Get Ready with Business Equipment Loans & Finance

You may not expect to find a start-up in a small Australian town with a population of around 20,000. However, when a need arises, Australians are always keen to help out. A mum/beautician wanted to supply beauty and wellness services for locals and those travelling through the town. She contacted us for advice on finance to open a beauty salon.

We financedr:

• Advertising and electronic signage for outside the front of the shop.
• Hyperbaric oxygen chamber, and other start-up costs.

Once the locals saw her new business (and the modern sign out the front), we had a flurry of calls from others seeking equipment finance for their own custom signs.

Commercial business specialists and start-up finance experts, Trans Pacific Finance in Sydney have been providing financial advice and financing to entrepreneurs for over two decades.

Talk with the team about your new start-up business financing.


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