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Vehicle Scissor Lifts, Hoists & More – Set Up Your Auto Service & Repair Shop with the Best Equipment

With flexible repayments, low-interest rates, short and long-term loans, obtaining the right finance is within reach.

• Are you a mechanic looking to branch out and open your own car service centre?
• Is it time to upgrade equipment and machinery with the latest technologies?
• Does your team need to upskill to prepare for repairing and servicing zero and low-emission vehicles?
• The workshop needs to be expanded and the office refurbished, but you’re not sure where to get the right funding?

Choosing finance for large purchases can seem daunting. However, this is what we do for Australian businesses every day. Keep your working capital free from miscellaneous and day-to-day costs.

We Financed a Vehicle Scissor Lift (Hoist) Purchase for a Sydney Auto Repair Workshop

Car Service Centre Finance, Automobile Scissor Lift Loans Equip Services

Dave runs an auto repair workshop here in Sydney and needed to buy new equipment. He had previously had some of the machinery reconditioned however the time had come to buy new.

The Savings Are in the Details

We talked with him about his preferences for the loan type, the structure of the loan, repayment options, and more. As we already had Dave’s financial information, we were able to pre-approve him for a range of loans at once.

Loan Amounts

Loan amounts vary depending on the business needs, how much you can comfortably repay and more.

• Tyre-fitting equipment.
• Vehicle scissor lift (hoist).
• Wheel balancer and aligner.

Car Service Centre Finance, Automobile Scissor Lift Loans Equip, Vehicle Equipment Finance.

It made perfect sense to fund the equipment because it was all core to Dave’s business – and the purchases will pay for themselves. We secured him a brilliant loan rate which was lower than his banking institution and at only a fraction of his turnover.

Tailor-Made Loans for Individual Business Needs

Tailor-made loans give our clients the ability to purchase the equipment they need to run successful businesses. If you have the time to offer more services but do not have the capital to buy equipment outright, financing can be an asset to your business.

Zero and Low Emission Vehicles

Keeping up with ICE and ZLEV Automotive Technology

Car Service Service Centre Finance, Vehicle Equipment Finance.

As technology progresses forward in leaps and bounds – and with huge environmental goals, mechanics are under pressure to be ready to repair and service zero and low-emission vehicles (ZLEVs)(*1,2).

We can arrange finance to cover:

The purchase of new equipment and tools to service and repair ZLEVs. Training for staff on how to use new equipment and technologies. Apprentices and senior mechanics are preparing to upskill to take on the increased work from low-emission vehicles as Australia nears its emissions goals(*3,4).

In addition to this new area of the automotive industry, technology continues to press forward in internal combustion engine (ICE) cars(*3).

As a nation with road trips built into their DNA, Australians rely heavily on their mechanics to keep their cars in top working order. Talk with us about how we can help you get your customers safely back onto the road.




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