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Hospital Equipment Finance Loans and Financial Management, Hospital and Medical Centre Equipment and Fit-Out Finance

Healthcare & Medical Hospital Equipment Manufacturers, Suppliers and Buyers

One of the areas that we fund is the purchase of hospital and medical equipment and clinic fit-outs. In addition to equipment, our funding solutions can also cover staff training in the use of the new equipment. We do around three or four of these packages for the medical industry every week!

We understand that doctors want to be able to focus on their patients. Having one repayment that covers their entire medical fit-out, equipment purchases and staff training streamlines finances – and leaves more time for focussing on the core of the business.

Ideal for:

• Hospitals.
• Medical Centers.
• Surgeons.
• Veterinary practices.
• Psychiatrists and psychologists’ practices.

Hospital and Medical Centre Equipment and Fit-Out Finance

Medical equipment is expensive to buy but does usually have quite a long lifetime. It is also specialist equipment that is not widely available. Our tailored medical equipment finance is perfect for a range of healthcare-based businesses because:

• We package everything the business needs into one loan.
• Our experience supplying tailored finance solutions is second-to-none.
• We obtain pre-approval before we approach lenders.
• Our extensive network of lenders provides quick approvals and delivery of funds.

From reception desks, phones and IT equipment to the tools and equipment doctors use daily (such as thermometers and blood pressure monitors) to full-scale autoclaves for hospitals – if your practice needs it, we can fund it.

Tailored and Seamless Financial Management

There are a few different ways loans can be paid out. Some clients do not need to see the funds land in their accounts. Rather, they opt for the loan to be paid directly to the equipment manufacturer. This speeds up processing times which sees equipment being delivered faster.

Have everything you need to be delivered, installed and ready to go before inspections and accreditation(*1).

Hospital Equipment Finance Loans and Financial Management Quote

Are You a Manufacturer or Supplier of Hospital or Medical Equipment?

We can also assist you with property expansions, buying or upgrading your equipment or machinery, and much more. Our clients do not need to worry about missing or overlooking payments for different loans because everything is packaged together.

Finance for Opening a Medical Practice or Healthcare-Based Business

Medical practices can cost anywhere from $30,000 – $500,000 and upwards to set up(*2). Securing finance is important to ensure there is cash flow available for day-to-day running costs and miscellaneous items. However, not all loans and finance products are the same. Some financial institutions regularly fund medical practices and accept tailored loan structures(*2). There is certainly no ‘one-size-fits-all’ financial product available.

We recommend saving yourself a lot of time and money by partnering with experienced financial consultants and advisors. Talk to a trusted financial consultant or broker for advice on the best type of finance for your specific situation(*3).

Trans Pacific Finance Group are highly experienced financial advisors with an exceptional track record.

Get in touch with Trans Pacific Finance Group today to discuss your plans and how we can help you access the right financial solutions.



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