Commercial Telephone System Loan Finance for Your Business or Company

Commercial phone finance voip, business phone loan and finance company

Stay Connected with Tailored Commercial Phone Finance

Some businesses rely heavily on telephone systems to keep their company running. When phones need updating or replacing, the turn-around on finance must be fast. So, why choose commercial phone finance instead of leasing, using a credit or working capital? Commercial finance is like a business loan but is tailored to the company’s needs and repayment preferences. Approvals can be obtained within 24 hours which means moving ahead with phone orders or updates sooner.

• Is your company’s phone system due for an update?
• Does your start-up require multiple telephones that would otherwise use up all your working capital to purchase?
• Do you need to integrate updated technology such as VoIP or mobile phones into your business?

We have financed hundreds of pieces of equipment (including telephones) for Australian companies.

Read on to learn more.

Commercial phone finance voip, business phone loan and finance company quote

Can Commercial Business Loans be Used to Purchase Telephones?

Yes – Commercial equipment business loans can be used to buy phones. Whether your company needs a comprehensive telephone system or something more basic, phones can certainly be bought with finance.

Equipment Loans are More Flexible Than You May Think

Equipment loans are used by a plethora of business types to buy equipment. Whether the purchase will be a telephone, an espresso machine or something else, there is finance available to suit:

• Different loan amounts, and;
• Business structures.

What Businesses Rely Heavily on Phone Systems to Operate?

Commercial phone finance voip, business phone loan

70% of businesses use landlines to make B2B calls in Australia(*1).

A range of businesses and companies rely on phone systems such as VoIP, PBX and KSU to keep their business running(*2). These include:

Medical and Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers rely on phone systems to communicate internally and externally. Doctors and nurses receive and make calls countless times a day. From confidential tele-health appointments to instant patient updates, telephone systems are essential(*3).

Educational Institutions

Educational institutions are often located on huge campuses. In addition to telephone systems reducing time travelling between blocks, they are essential for quickly sharing updates and alerts. If needed, educators can call outside lines to reach emergency help or the head office(*3).

Customer Support Call Centres

Call centres that receive hundreds of calls per day require reliable and up-to-date telephone systems to:

• Tend to customer enquiries.
• Make outbound sales and service calls, and much more(*3).

Commercial Phone Systems Financed

The Australian media sector’s principal body for handling complaints required finance for a new telephone system. They contacted our team for help. Within only a few hours – and in liaison with their board, we had tailored finance solutions ready.

Within 24 hours finance for their telephone system was secured.

We deliver time and again thanks to the combination of years of commercial finance experience and access to multiple lenders.

Benefit from our years of experience securing finance for businesses small and large around Australia. Contact Trans Pacific Finance Group for a confidential discussion now.


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