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Are you searching for loan lenders near me? We help commercial fishers navigate Australian marine and boat finance lending criteria. We were approached by an angler looking for loans for commercial fishing boats. He had a particular speed boat in mind. The challenge was finding the right loan for the business.

Read on to learn more and discover the latest insights into the marine industry.

Commercial Loan Lenders in Sydney, New South Wales

• Fixed and variable interest rates.
• Secured and unsecured loans.
• Repayment structures and terms.
• Qualifying factors/eligibility.
• Loan amounts.
• Time to funding.

The different terms in finance can be overwhelming. Some lenders and banks will only fund certain makes, models, and years.

Providing financial solutions to start-ups, SMEs, and companies across various industries is what we do best. We help with everyday finance and trade consultancy and have become the lender to go to when traditional methods fail. For instance, short-term cash flow for farm contractors and expansion funds for breweries.

Four Winns Horizon 230 RS Speed Boat: Commercial Fishing Finance Approved

Commercial Boat Finance, Loans for fishing boats in Australia Financier Quote

Valued at almost $70,000, this bowrider had everything our client needed(*1).

• Speed.
• Reliability.
• Ample storage space.
• Ideal for trailering.

We researched the best finance options for our new client and got him approved with an affordable loan in no time.

Is the Marine Industry Growing? Australia’s Blue Economy Value Rising

The Australian marine industry is expected to recover from pandemic-related losses by the end of 2022(*2). The industry is forecast to grow rapidly (particularly in marine renewable energy) and double in value by 2030-2035(*3).

Covering 10 million km2, Australia’s marine estate is the third-largest globally (*4,5).

The maritime sector contributes significantly directly and indirectly to the national economy. $81.2 billion was generated in the industry in the 2017-18 fiscal year topping the annual average of $68 billion(*3,4).

Since 2014, recreational and commercial ocean fishing and aquaculture have contributed $3.33 billion to the economy annually(*4).

Top 7 Marine-Based Small Businesses

Commercial Boat Finance, Loans for fishing boats in Australia

With the marine industry expecting rapid growth, a range of business ventures may be of interest(*6).

  1. Boat and vessel sales and rentals.
  2. Boat cleaning.
  3. Boat, ship and watercraft repairs and servicing(*4).
  4. Personal watercraft hire. Marine domestic and international tourism accounted for $30.7 billion (37%) of economic output in the 2017-18 financial year(*4).
  5. Boat storage.
  6. Watercraft training and licencing.
  7. Commercial and recreational fishing(*4).

Loans for Commercial Watercraft Vessels, Including Fishing and Speed Boats

Looking For ‘Commercial Loan Lenders Near Me? We Are Based in Sydney and Service Clients Across Australia

Cars are commonly financed. However, there are other vehicles that you can get commercial loans for. Not every business is land-based nor does every business require the same machinery. We have helped clients in Sydney and Australia secure finance for everything from tractors to fishing boats.

It is free to chat with us and you are under no obligation. Contact us today for financial solutions that suit your needs and budget.



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