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CCTV Finance Facial Recognition, Security camera system financing Installation Loan. For Commercial and Industrial Business

Financing Security Camera Systems for Commercial & Industrial Business Sectors

Biometric security – fingerprint, facial, and eye recognition are just some of the features of modern security systems. Most of us can remember when we only had a key, pin number or, (for the high-tech buildings), a swipe pass to enter a building. These days, security systems are evolving as quickly as technology. Beyond security for building access, round-the-clock closed-circuit television (CCTV) recordings provide property owners 24/7 peace of mind. With new technology comes more elaborate installation set-ups. As the immediate out-of-pocket expenses for both the system and installation can be more than what most people have on hand, one of our clients contacted us for a solution.

Commercial Biometric Security Systems and CCTV for Business Premises

Imagine a security system that knew your staff members, regular clients and when a package has been delivered. The future we had imagined in futuristic Hollywood films is now becoming the standard for business premises Australia-wide. Biometric security systems are being employed in places like:
• Large warehouses.
• Racing stables.
• Pubs and clubs.
• Restaurants.
• Gambling establishments.

The business types mentioned above are high risk as they carry high cash volumes and valuable commodities. In the case of businesses such as warehouses, the amount of time the property is left unattended also increases the risk of crime(*1). Small businesses can also benefit from having a commercial security system installed(*2).

What are the Benefits of Commercial Security Systems?

CCTV Finance, Security camera system financing Installation Loan. For Commercial and Industrial Business

• The presence of a security system reduces the risk of burglary by as much as 60%(*3). Given business’ are four times more likely to be broken into than a home, decreasing the likelihood of a crime being committed is essential(*4).
• Should a crime occur on a site equipped with CCTV and other recording devices, the odds of bringing the assailant to justice earlier increases(*2).
• Commercial insurance costs can be reduced by as much as 20% with the installation of a security system(*5). The general rule is – the lower the risk of an insurance claim, the lower the insurance fee

Financing for Modern Security Systems

Commercial Equipment Loans for Security and CCTV Surveillance

Security camera system financing Installation Loan,CCTV Finance. For Commercial and Industrial Business

One day.

That is how long it took our commercial financial advisor to present our client with a tailored financial solution that met their needs perfectly.

The Client:

A professional security installer located in NSW.

The Need:

A financial product (tailored loan) they could offer to their clients to help them finance the:

• Purchase of a security system.
• Complete installation of the system.

The Challenge:

Oftentimes, loans do not include the installation aspect of a security system – only the equipment. As there is a large software component and wiring required for contemporary systems, the cost of installation is more than it was previously. This is because once the equipment is installed, it then needs to be networked and set up on computers, phones, and other devices.

The Solution:

In just one day, we tailored a financial product which included both the equipment and installation. In addition, we ensured the loan included:

• Ownership of the security equipment by the purchaser.
•The option to have a flexible repayment schedule.
• An allowance for the goods to be moved to new premises and added to as the business expands.

Do You Need a Tailored Financial Product for Your Business? Are You Looking At Loans For Security Systems?

Visit the Trans Pacific Finance office in Sydney or contact Mark O’Keeffe to discuss your needs and what financial solutions are available.


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