Need a Loan to Buy a New or Used Tractor? Finance Deals for Farm Machinery

Tractor Finance Deals, Farm Machinery Finance, Used Tractor Financing Tractor Loan.

Top Borrowing Options & Financing for Australian Farmers and Agri-Business Owners

A farming contractor approached us for the best finance deals on machinery attachments. The loan quotations were for tractors located across Australia. As a result, they needed separate financing for each of the three attachments. This contractor came to us because he had used banks previously. He wanted to explore other options to get the best interest rates available at the time.

The very same day, we presented the quotes to the contractor and all three were accepted. This farm contracting and landscaping business has since employed 10 extra staff members. They were able to expand their business during COVID-19 while many other businesses were struggling to keep their doors open.

Quick Facts: Agri-Business Loans in Australia 2019 – 2020 Financial Year

Top loans, Tractor Finance Deals, Farm Machinery Finance, Used Tractor Financing Tractor Loan.

The Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences(*1) releases national data on agricultural lending annually. Here are some quick facts from the latest report (Nov. 2021):

• Average interest rates are down.
• Farm production has increased (despite COVID-19, droughts, and flooding across the country).
• Lending rates have increased by 7%.

As interest rates are down (on average), it has been an ideal time to buy new machinery and upgrade equipment(*1). Lower interest rates resulted in borrowers paying 23% less interest than the previous financial year.

Hard-Working Farm Machinery Finance for Hard-Working Australians

Australians are incredibly resilient. We have seen hundreds of agricultural-based businesses overcome great hurdles over the years. Sometimes the key to business growth and success is reliant on obtaining (the right) financing. Securing the right kind of finance is just as important as using the right machinery and equipment for your needs. You would not use a brush cutter to clear a 25-hectare paddock. Nor would you get a loan from a bank that does not fit your needs when our decades of experience can help you secure finance specific to your situation.

New vs Used Tractor Financing: Get the Best Finance Deals

Tractor Finance Quote, Tractor Finance Deals, Farm Machinery Finance, Used Tractor Financing Tractor Loan.

Tractor Sale Records Broke in 2020 with more than 13,650 Sales(*2)

Whether you are seeding, spraying, harvesting, landscaping or earthmoving, loans are available. There are a range of loan types, with each having its own pros and cons(*3). It is our job to locate the best finance deals for your budget, business size and business type.

Buying New or Used

We also understand that you may not always want to buy new and may not want a particular brand. You need machinery that is designed for your needs, and which will be reliable, and affordable to maintain and run.

It is a great time to invest in your business thanks to a range of flexible finance solutions. We have been the trusted company for farmers to turn to for commercial lending for decades. For the best rates for machinery, from utility tractors to excavators, we can help you secure finance quickly.

Call Mark O’Keeffe and the Trans Pacific Finance team or browse our website for more information.

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*2. Kirsten, A. Best Tractor Sales Result in 40 Years. Farming Ahead. 2021.
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