We Guaranteed the Best Finance for a Champagne Caravan – and We Did It!

Guaranteed Caravan Finance, the best champagne caravan commercial financier. A Toast to My Little Peony’s Champagne Caravan

Commercial Financier Raises a Toast to My Little Peony’s Champagne Caravan

Do you have a novel or unique business idea? Have you noticed a gap in a niche market? Mark O’Keeffe, lead commercial financier of Trans Pacific Finance guaranteed My Little Peony he would find them the best finance – and he did. My Little Peony’s champagne caravan has been booked solid since launching! We are thrilled the South Coast and Hunter Valley regions have so warmly supported this brilliant business. How could you say no to such a splendid addition to a wedding or event!?

Now, it is your turn! Read on to learn more about this gorgeous caravan bar and how we can help you get your niche business idea (or expansion) off the ground.

Financed and Guaranteed to Sparkle: Champagne Caravan

A charming 1950’s style caravan bar is adding elegance (and plenty of sparkles) to events across the South Coast and Hunter Valley(*1). My Little Peony owners saw a gap in the market for a mobile caravan bar that could be used at weddings, end of year celebrations, baby showers, corporate events, and more. They approached Trans Pacific Finance for assistance in both:

• Navigating the lending environment, and;
• Securing the best finance for their business.

Find the Best Finance with Professional Commercial Financiers

Finding any finance for niche ideas can be hard enough. Securing finance that perfectly fits the business model without an excessive interest rate is a further challenge. Add to this, lending criteria, application documents, and approval wait times. It is no wonder business owners turn to commercial financiers for help! Navigating the lending environment can be time consuming and for many, it is a tense period.

This is the kind of work we are passionate about and do every day! We are dedicated to ensuring our clients see the launch of their brilliant ideas as soon as possible.

There is No Better Time Than Now

Guaranteed Caravan Finance, the best champagne caravan commercial financier for small business

Between 2020 and 2021, Australia saw a 3.8% increase in new business(*2). Now is the time to get your business started or expanded. If you are worried about debt, talk to us about your concerns. There are many financial options available to small and medium enterprises. Expansions of COVID-19 schemes for small and medium enterprises have also been recently released.

The Australian Business Lending Environment

At the start of COVID-19, the Australian economy (like many other countries) took quite a hit. As time has passed, the economy has started recovering (better than expected), and restrictions have eased(*3). As a result, opportunities for growth in small and medium enterprises have increased. Access to business finance has improved over the past 12 months as well.

the best champagne caravan commercial financier, Mark O'Keeffe quote for small business

If you would like to learn more about My Little Peony’s caravan bar, head on over to their website. They also specialise in floral styling, prop hire, event design and coordination, grazing tables, cakes and desserts, and corporate events!

Whether there is a global pandemic or Australia’s economy is flourishing, we are here to help. 

Let’s get your equivalent of a champagne caravan financed! Contact our team by phone on (02) 9042 0777 or via our website.



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*3. Lowe, P. The Year Ahead: Address to National Press Club of Australia. Reserve Bank of Australia. 2022.

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