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Tradesman Trailer Finance, Tradie Car Loans and Finance. Carpenters Financed for Tradie Trailers in 90 Minutes

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In just one week in September, we had two Sydney carpenters request finance for purpose-built, lockable trailers they could tow to work sites. Their equipment was getting misplaced and stolen when left on-site, so an immediate, no-fuss solution was needed. Replacing tools is expensive and slows down work. Keep your working capital for other business uses. When it is time to upgrade, there are affordable, tailor-made loans available for fleet cars/utes and trailers.

Carpenters Financed for Tradie Trailers in 90 Minutes

Case Study: Tradie Loans for Tradesmen (Carpenters, Builders, Plumbers, Electricians)

The two carpenters we spoke to last month had their finance approved in 90 minutes and the vehicles were delivered the next day.

The problem: Equipment, tools and gear getting misplaced and lost when left at the work site.

The solution:
The two carpenters wanted to buy lockable, powered trailers they could tow to work sites. Some builders/tradie trailers can cost as much as a caravan so using working capital from the business is unrealistic(*1).

How we helped:
• After chatting with our clients, we got straight onto our lenders. As we have done these types of loans many times, we knew exactly what to do and did not need financial statements or extensive documentation from our clients.
• We secured bank rates.
• Our clients were approved straight away.
• Trailers were delivered the next day.

What is the Average Cost of Custom-Made Lockable Trailers and Attachments?

Tradesman Trailer Finance Sydney, Tradie Car Loans and Finance

From our experience, we know tradie trailers can cost an arm and a leg however they are invaluable and long-lasting(*2). As always, we recommend obtaining a few quotes to ensure you are getting the best design and material for your trailer.

Best Selling Tradie Utes in 2022

What are the Best-Selling Tradie Utes in Australia This Year?

If you are in the market for both a new ute and a trailer, it may be worth considering what the best-selling utes in Australia are this year.

Tradesman Trailer Finance, Tradie Car Loans and Finance.

Toyota HiLux Vs Volkswagen Amarok Comparison Test” by The National Roads and Motorists’ Association is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

#1 Toyota Hilux

The Toyota Hilux has lingered at the top of best-selling lists for some time. They are durable, have plenty of grunt (and towing strength), offer all the necessary modern features and are affordable to maintain(*3).

Other Tough Utility Vehicles Tradies are Buying

There are plenty of other contenders that are popular across Australia as well(*3,4):

• Isuzu Ute D-Max
• Ford Ranger
• Mitsubishi Triton
• Nissan Navara

Need finance for both a new or second-hand utility vehicle or truck and trailer? We can help.

Dual-Cab, Complete Tray, or Trailer?

Choose What Suits Your Needs and Get it Financed Before Lunch

As professional commercial finance brokers, we know the ins and outs of the industry which makes pre-approval, applying for the right finance and getting approval much faster. Contact the expert team dedicated to supporting Australian businesses to get what they need today.

Tradesman Trailer Finance Sydney, Tradie Car Loans Financing

Call Trans Pacific Finance on 0433 899 790 or send an enquiry about tradie finance online.


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