Cultivate Success: Personalised Finance For Farm & Agriculture Companies

Farm equipment finance companies, agriculture agri equipment financing, Farm equipment Financing.

Trusted Cotton Farm Irrigation Equipment Financing Specialists – 48 Hour Turn Around

When the success of your business relies on water, irrigation equipment failures must be remedied quickly. Farm and agriculture companies can face hefty bills upwards of $300,000 when equipment fails. This is exactly the situation one of our clients was in. Located in the cotton-growing region of northwest NSW, our client had discovered that one of their bore pumps had broken down. As cotton is heavily reliant on irrigation, they had to move quickly to secure finance for a new bore pump.

48-Hour Turnaround for Equipment Finance & Tailored Loan Repayments

We turned this application around in only 48 hours. Working with the funder, we also negotiated a tailored structure for the loan repayments. As our client is paid yearly, the loan repayments were also structured to be paid annually.

What Types of Farm Equipment Can Be Purchased With Finance?

Cotton Farm equipment finance companies, agriculture agri equipment financing, Farm equipment Financing.

Whether you are a cotton farmer or a farming contractor, your equipment needs will differ. There is a vast range of machinery and equipment types available to purchase – and almost as many financing products.

We are confident we can find a loan to match your requirements no matter what you need.

Examples of Farm Machinery and Equipment That Can be Financed

• Irrigation systems, including pumps.
• Tractors.
• Excavators.
• Sprayers.
• Seeders.
• Silos.
• Bailers.
• Harvesters.

Finance to support aftersales needs (maintenance, replacement parts) may also be worth looking into(*1). As machinery becomes increasingly computerised, replacement parts can also be expensive. Many funders offer deals for bundling loans together which can save you money in interest and account fees.

Farm Irrigation Equipment finance quote

Farming Budgets: How Much do Farmers Spend on Equipment?

According to the ACCC, farmers spend(*1):

• 11% of their income on new machinery and equipment.
• 6% of their income is on machinery and equipment maintenance.

While farming incomes have remained unchanged, machinery and equipment prices have increased.

For example, between 2014 and 2018, the total cost for purchasing, installing and running a centre-pivot irrigation system increased by over $43,000(*2). For the same system over the same period, the total cost per hectare increased from $2,103 to $3,190.

90% of Australia’s Cotton Comes From Family Businesses

Cotton Farm irrigation equipment finance companies, agriculture agri equipment financing, Farm equipment Financing.

Did you know that 90% of Australia’s cotton comes from family-owned companies? (*3)

When times are tough (or booming), our cotton farmers and their families need to know financial solutions are available.

Every Agriculture Business is Important

We are genuinely committed to seeing your business succeed. No matter what type of agricultural business you own, we are here to help. We can help with everything from:

• Expansions and fit-outs.
• Financing to take advantage of an opportunity.
• Cash flow to keep your labour force paid.
• Trade consultancy advice, and more.

Over the decades, we have worked with small farming groups to large commercial farm contractors. We believe that every individual business in Australia’s agricultural sector is essential.

We are here for you when times are financially tight and when business is thriving.

Contact our trusted team for all your agribusiness finance solutions today.



*1. Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). Agricultural Machinery Market Study. Commonwealth of Australia. 2021.
*2. RMCG. Comparison Of Irrigation System Costs – Update 2018. Section 3.6. 2018.
*3. Cotton Australia. Industry Overview. 2022.


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